If IRL Weddings Were Like These Movies We'd RSVP Yes to Every One

Wedding season can kinda be the worst, yes? We rounded up five fictional big-screen weddings we’d dust off the ol’ silver heels and clutch for


Wedding season is upon on us and whether you’re headed to a nuptial celebration every weekend, or you’ve been #blessed by the elopement fairies, you might need some psyching up before perusing the registry. Let’s live vicariously through the best weddings ever put on film—you know, the ones we would actually RSVP “yes” to.

(Photo: Everett)
(Photo: Everett)

The Stunning Destination Wedding in Mamma Mia

I’m not a fan of location weddings. They can be stressful, expensive and kind of lame, depending on the taste level of the couple getting married. But the location wedding in Mamma Mia? Uh, yeah, sign me up. A vacation to Greece where you play beach volleyball with the ripped AF groomsmen and get serenaded by Meryl Streep? Worth the 11-hour flight.

(Photo: Everett)
(Photo: Everett)

The Intimate At-Home Wedding in Father of the Bride

Lush locales are all fine and dandy, but there’s something about a wedding at home that makes the ceremony feel that much more comfortable and relaxed. Especially if the wedding is being planned by : this wedding had swans, chicken but no veal, midnight basketball games beforehand, a sprinkling of snow (in California!) and a father of the bride in a blue suit. True, they missed the mark by not hiring  for entertainment, but hey, no wedding is perfect.

(Photo: Everett)
(Photo: Everett)

The Wedding With A Gorgeous Best Man in The Best Man

We’ve all been there: you’re single and ready to mingle at a wedding. Maybe you’re a bridesmaid, or even a maid of honour! Everyone’s in a romantic mood, but you have no one sexy to share it with. And then you see it: the Lord—and the groom—has blessed you with a hot best man. And not just any hot best man. !! Wouldn’t you want to go to that wedding? That’s the wedding in The Best Man.

(Photo: Everett)
(Photo: Everett)

The Fashion-(and Drama!) Filled Wedding of Sex and The City

OK, Carrie and Big don’t ultimately tie the knot at their glamorous New York Public Library wedding because Big gets cold feet and Carrie gets rightfully mad as hell. But those dresses! Has any wedding ever had a more iconic display of couture? Carrie’s almost-nuptials to Big were more fashionable than Kate and Prince William’s wedding, and they are literally royalty. Imagine the fun you’d have Renting the Runway to attend this wedding.

(Photo: Everett)
(Photo: Everett)

The BFF-Laden Wedding of Bridesmaids

Weddings, whether they’re big or small, fancy or intimate, or complete with a wall of roses or mason jars of handpicked daisies, are about the people. That’s why this wedding rules them all: the bridesmaids, all best friends at this point, forget their differences and together in total harmony. Best friends celebrating each other finding love? That’s what it’s all about, and that’s why this type of wedding is the one we all want to go to. Side note: doesn’t hurt that there are puppies in tuxedos in the audience!!

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