Justin Bieber Just Got a Massive New Tattoo—Here Are 10 More of His Worst

The Biebs recently revealed more questionable “body art.” Here’s a look at his worst designs to date

Laura Hensley

Can someone please stop Justin Bieber from getting any more tattoos? The Biebs has arguably the worst taste in ink, and his 23-year-old body should not suffer any more. Over the weekend, Bieber revealed another enormous addition to his collection of “body art” on his Instagram account: his torso and abdomen are now completely covered by a collection of gargoyles, skeletons and more (and yes, the bald eagle is still visible). While the bad boy/heartthrob/animal lover has more than 50 terrible designs spread over his body, some are worse than others.

From a one on the ugliness scale (à la  on her arm) to a level-10 , we rated 10 of Bieber’s most hideous tattoos.

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