"We Are All Pregnant": The Best Reactions to Tessa & Scott's Gold Medal Performance

Twitter completely melted—and imploded in a surge of pride and passion

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir embrace after finding out they won gold on Feb. 20, 2018
(Photo: Getty)

Canada’s favourite definitely-not-doing-it platonic couple have made history as double gold Olympians—bringing home the highest-valued hardware for their ice dancing routines for the second time.

More than that, they’re now Olympic figure skaters in history with five medals—two silvers won in Sochi, along with a gold in the team event last week — over the course of their 20 years as a figure skating pair.

Viewers across the country tuned in Monday night to witness Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir skate to victory with their sultry ice dance to “Roxane” from the Moulin Rouge soundtrack (it’s the routine the pair from 14A to PG in order to conform to Olympic propriety).

Of course, Twitter completely melted. And imploded in a surge of pride and passion. Regardless, it was hot and everyone had FEELINGS. Here are the best reactions:

Tessa and Scott had everyone on the edge of their seats.

The world any time Scott Moir and Tessa Virtue skate:

— Chris Hanna (@Chris_Hanna)

The enthusiasm was palpable throughout the routine.


— Richard Lee-Sam (@RLeesam)

They made the world want to wrap themselves in red and white.

The whole world is Canadian when Tessa and Scott are on the ice

— katie (@katieallerton1)

And invoked a deep sense of national pride after they won.

Where should Canada put the Virtue and Moir statues, in their hometowns, or in all the hometowns

— Bruce Arthur (@bruce_arthur)

Virtue and Moir for Governor General.

— Carrie Tait (@CarrieTait)

Canada won the Olympics. Goodnight everyone.

— Michelle Rempel (@MichelleRempel)

Sexy pride.

Dear world,
Canada will be on maternity leave in 9 months because we are all pregnant after Tessa and Scott’s Moulin Rouge performance

— Meg Campbell (@haveyoumetmeg)

Of course their victory—and affectionate joy at winning—kicked that coupledom fantasy into overdrive.



If Tessa & Scott’s ice dance doesn’t end in a proposal I am low-key gonna be crushed.

— Sarah Colantonio (@SarahRachel_xo)

But let’s not all get too excited, some said—they’re artists and athletes at the end of the day, not bride and groom figurines atop a wedding cake.

Hi re: Tessa and Scott, reminder it’s possible to have intense and intimate creative relationships that are romantic in their own way (art is romantic, c’mon) but aren’t sexual. Whatever their deal is, go them.

— Kat Eschner (@KatEschner)

Whatever the feels, it was probably the last time the world will get to see that perfect alchemy on Olympic ice.

When Canada realizes they just saw what is likely and ‘s final Olympic performance…

— CBC Olympics (@CBCOlympics)

We’ll give the final word on their victory to them.

This is the moment we have dreamed about. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for all of the support.
This one is for you, Canada!

— Tessa Virtue (@tessavirtue)

We did it T!

— Scott Moir (@ScottMoir)


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