Forget the Pope, These Ladies Channelled Joan of Arc at the Met Gala

At least three celebs took their cues from this badass hero and we felt truly #blessed

Ishani Nath
Met Gala Joan of Arc: Shailene Woodley, Zendaya and Michelle Williams in outfits inspired by Joan of Arc at the Met Gala in 2018

Shailene Woodley, Zendaya and Michelle Williams (Photo: Getty Images)

With the theme of Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination, this year’s Met Gala was literally a religious experience—and it looks like multiple celebs got their #fashioninspo from one particular saint.

We saw plenty of Vatican yellow, crosses, stained-glass inspo and cardinal red but a select few stars opted to channel a completely different aspect of Catholicism and its history. Shailene Woodley, Zendaya and Michelle Williams all went for a strong, steely looks inspired by historical icon Joan of Arc.

In case you missed , here’s a quick recap: Joan of Arc was born to a poor French family in 1412, at a time when France was at war with England. At an early age, the peasant girl began having visions of saints guiding her to help France win the war. She was ultimately burned at the stake for being a heretic, but she was later pardoned of all charges and officially declared a Roman Catholic saint in 1920—a casual five centuries after she was killed.

Basically, she was a badass—as Woodley, Zendaya and Williams recognized.

Woodley wore a long-sleeved, military silver Ralph Lauren that was v reminiscent of medieval armour, complete with a high ponytail and riding boots. Unfortunately though, not everyone thought she looked like Joan of Arc…

why does shailene woodley look like the tin man

— d (@torontoraxhl)

Zendaya on the other hand absolutely nailed the “Joan of Arc but make it fashion” look in a Versace gown and blunt red bob. Fun fact: in the process of becoming a fearless leader, Joan of Arc chopped off her hair and dressed in men’s clothes—inadvertently creating an iconic look of feminist power.

“When I knew the theme and Versace, we started the conversation, there were a lot of sketches from Versace and I started thinking about strong women who had a connection to religion,” Zendaya’s stylist Law Roach told . “I dreamt of Joan of Arc one night and called Versace and was like, ‘What if we did something to reference Joan of Arc?’ They came back with really, really great sketches.”

Zendaya and this Joan of Arc look is THE BEST look at the Met Gala.

— Shay (@Zendvyaa)

Williams went with a more simple take in a floor-length Louis Vuitton armoured dress with leather cap sleeves and studs. It was strong yet demure—and effortlessly elegant.

Much as we loved Shailene Woodley’s literal take, this Joan of Arc look is much more fabulous. And a no-brainer for Michelle Williams.

— Tom & Lorenzo (@tomandlorenzo)

While we loved so many of the over-the-top Met Gala looks, seeing three women dressed as a literal hero had us feeling truly #blessed.


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