Gift For Everyone: The iPod Nano

A gift idea for that special someone on your list

Gift For Everyone: The New iPod Nano Gift For Everyone: The New iPod Nano Gift For Everyone: The New iPod Nano

Who: For anyone that loves listening to music during a commute, a workout or a vacation

What: iPod Nano, starting at $129,

Why: This iPod is quite the gadget. It has a rechargeable battery that lasts for up to 24-hours in one go; it can be clipped onto your sleeve or worn on a watch band with your choice of one of 18 clock face designs; it has AM/FM radio and a personal DJ that can create song lists that go with your favourite songs; it even has a built-in accelerometer to track the duration, distance and number of calories burned during your workouts. Give the nano to a friend or family member and it will be sure to please.

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