Who Beat Up Ryan Gosling?

Just kidding, it’s for the Only God Forgives poster.

Photo by George Pimentel
Photo Courtesy of FilmDistrict

Any serious actor comes across the challenge of having to act through mounds of prosthetics at some point during their career. For Ryan Gosling, that moment will be in his upcoming film, Only God Forgives.

The former mousketeer (nope, still can’t get over that Canada AM interview) is beaten and battered on the movie poster for his second collaboration with Drive director Nicholas Winding Refn.

According to IMDb, the Refn-penned film revolves around “a Bangkok police lieutenant and a gangster [settling] their differences in a Thai-boxing match.”

A few questions about the project are already coming to mind:

1)  Will Gosling have more lines? Or will the talking be kept to a minimum, like in Drive?

2)  How does Gosling manage to still look good even when his face is messed up? He better win People’s Sexiest Man Alive next year. And,

3)  A Thai-boxing match, you say? So, when does this film premiere in Canada?

So far, only Denmark has an official release day of May 23, 2013. Hopefully, North America will get their Gosling fill soon after.

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