Could Tegan and Sara Be Coming to Riverdale?

The Canuck singing sisters will make a cameo in an issue of “The Archies” to be released in February 2018

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Riverdale just keeps getting better—and more ! Yesterday, our fave twins and Calgary natives Tegan and Sara took to to announce they’ll be featured in The Archies #5, set to be released this coming February. Could this mean we might see Tegan and Sara strolling the streets of Riverdale someday soon? We freakin’ hope so.

In case your comic book reading has dwindled since Riverdale hit Netflix (literally, us), The Archies is a spinoff comic book series which follows the Riverdale gang—that is, Archie, Jughead, Betty, Veronica and Reggie—after they’ve formed a pretty bangin’ band. As the crew tours the world and invariably comes across trouble (they did just start their band, like, a minute ago), they’re lucky enough to have the guidance of famed real life musicians. In The Archies #2 and #3, the band  comes to the rescue “to set [Archie’s garage band] on the right path,” according to .

In The Archies #5, the band has a falling out with one of the band members, leaving them one man short.  will apparently “help them get through a major crisis.” The writers bringing The Archies to life, Alex Segura and Matthew Rosenberg, told the team at that they love adding real-life bands to the mix because it gives the comic books a “must-read twist and opens the door for Matt, Joe and I to get our favorite bands into Riverdale,” said Segura. “One of the first bands Matt and I thought of was CHVRCHES just because they’ve got such a modern, fun vibe and we’re both fans of the music.”

“I love the mix of acts we’ve gotten to jam with the Archies, and Tegan and Sara are no exception,” . “The fun part about writing this series is that the groups coming in get to meet the Archies at different points in their musical journey, and [issue #5] will find the Archies at a major crossroads – one that might change the makeup of the band forever.”

So, what’s in store for the comic version of the sisters? We hope it’s an issue filled with badass outfits (a regular occurrence for T and S, IRL) and perhaps some demonstration of their prolific songwriting? Just some suggestions, @Archiecomics. For now, we will patiently pray to see them on the small screen.

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