Bieber Dodges Bottle as Angry Fan Requests "Despacito"

Does this mean the pop star doesn’t know Spanish?!

Laura Hensley
Justin Bieber performing in a jean jacket with emoji microphones in the background
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Another day, another Bieber drama.

Over the weekend, while performing at the  an angry fan at Bieber when he refused their request to sing his Spanish hit, “Despacito.”

“I can’t do “Despacito,” I don’t even know it,” the Biebs said. Awkward! Take a peek at the v. aggressive bottle throwing.

This isn’t the first time the 23-year-old pop star couldn’t sing the song. During a surprise show on May 23 at 1 OAK nightclub in New York, Bieber forgot the lyrics to “Despacito,” started rambling words, and said, “I don’t know the words so I say Dorito… I don’t know the words so I say burrito.” Someone give this kid a smack snack!

When the Canadian bad boy couldn’t think of anymore words that rhymed with “Despacito,” he started singing, “blah, blah, blah.” At one point, Bieber turned the mic to audience members and asked if they knew the words. The Chainsmokers, who were onstage with him, didn’t help him out, either.


— mare (@biebeart)

Bieber first wowed us with his Spanish , and again in Puerto Rico. But now? The internet is less than impressed.

These videos of Justin Bieber not knowing the words to Despacito are just unacceptable. He’s poking fun at the whole Spanish culture

— Caleb Owens (@calebowens94)

Bieber screaming burrito for the hook on “Despacito” cause he doesn’t know his own lyrics is a euphemism for every Cancun Spring Break ever

— Yung Dia$pora Papi (@tomasflow7)

despacito is not justin bieber’s song he was only featured in the remix tht shouldn’t have never been made, the original is better smh

— stef (@uIItjimin)

Haven’t heard anything more annoying

— Al Veronica (@EmBackFoRevenge)

However some people think Bieber’s “burrito” performance was entertaining.

He wasn’t mocking anything, he was drunk & having fun, y’all take 4 years of Spanish and can only say “Hola” he learnt the lyrics in 2 hours

— nádia (@typedbieber)

Although it’s wildly inappropriate, Justin Bieber singing dorito and burrito instead of despacito is pretty funny!

— Georgina Connaughton (@GeorginaConn)

Puerto Rican star Fonsi Entertainment Tonight that the Biebs insisted singing in Spanish on the remix, and “took the time to enunciate everything.”

“We had an English lyric for everything and he’s like, ‘No, no, no, no, I’m gonna do this in Spanish,'” Fonsi told ET.

Maybe Bieber should spend more time learning the language, and less time singing about burritos. Until then, we’ll be listening to the of the song.

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