5 TV Show Adult Colouring Books We'd Love To See

A Buffy the Vampire Slayer colouring book?! How chic. Here’s five other TV shows we’d love to see turned into adult colouring books RN

The adult colouring book craze continues! Bookstores are ever-bursting with all the mandalas, gardens and seascapes legions of Zen-seeking artists can handle. We, however, are bored of these genteel-ass options and were thus stoked to hear that Dark Horse Comics will be releasing a much more fun option: a Buffy the Vampire the Slayer colouring book! Slated to , the Internet was abuzz this week with the news that soon we can shade in all that #TBT nineties fashion and pick the perfect crimson for Willow’s locks. We listed five other beloved TV shows we’d love to see turned into books for our artistic expression—and what we want to colour in the most, included a few fun mock-ups from FLARE designer Leo Tapel.


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