Emma Watson Debuts New Temporary Tattoo—With a Typo

Always think before you ink

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Emma Watson posing in black dress
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Oh, boy.

Hollywood darling Emma Watson at the 90th Academy Awards on Sunday night, but she did hit up the glam Vanity Fair after-party in questionable style. Sporting choppy micro-fringe and a black Ralph Lauren halter gown with a gorgeous bejewelled collar, the 27-year-old also revealed a strange temporary tattoo on her forearm with a notable grammatical error.

In a thoughtful (?) nod to the Time’s Up movement, Watson wore a semi-permanent tat that read: “Times Up” with no apostrophe before the s. *Face palm*

The internet was quick to spot the typo and call out poor Hermione Granger Watson.

Emma Watson’s new tattoo has two important messages
2) always get someone to proofread your tattoos

— Keith Callbeck (@KeithCallbeck)

Well however bad your day’s been.. you could always be Emma Watson(’)s tattoo artist!

— Tony Shepherd (@tonysheps)

Some were confused by the design.

Emma Watson’s Time’s Up tattoo may be missing the apostrophe but still looks more like Times Ya to me

— gemma cook (@Gemz)

Others people were straight-up ruthless.

“Times Up”? Sans apostrophe?

Might want to look into a refund for that Brown University bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

— MarleneJ (@mjaeckel)

Emma Watson got a “Time’s Up” tattoo but it’s missing the apostrophe. I sooooo thought she was better than that.

— Kayleigh Ryan (@K4yry)

A few defended the strange art.

Y’all are coming for Emma Watson’s “Time’s Up” tattoo just because it did not have an apostrophe. That tattoo serves for a meaning and purpose in her humanitarian advocacy. AND first of all, she did not graduate from Brown and served time in Oxford for your irrelevant opinion.

— N (@panesnobi)

Can’t even deal with the fact people could obsess over ‘s error on her tattoo. What have we become? If we can’t even make a stand without being criticised. /p>— sophiegilbert (@sophienatalya)

imagine emma watson getting a tattoo to celebrate a brilliant movement and the only thing people can talk about is the fact an apostrophe was missed on the tat. fair enough it shouldn’t have been, but that probs wasn’t even her fault lol give her a break

— amy (@fairyth0ughts)

Even though Emma Watson’s tattoo has a grammatical mistake, I still love her

— Dave (@debtecson)

To be fair, Watson does a helluva lot for , so if she sports one lame-ass temporary tattoo we will forgive her. Basically, this guy shares our thoughts:

Everyone leave alone it’s just a tattoo everyone makes mistakes.

— Justin Firtell (@jfrocks16)


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