No Filter Needed: 10 Celebs Who Smoke Weed on Instagram

These celebs love the green and don’t care who knows it

Sarah Trumbley

Sure, some celebs flat-out don’t smoke weed—including former stoner Woody Harrelson. But it’s no secret that there’s also a lot (like A LOT) who do. There are those “I smoked a few times in college” celebs who accidentally admit to it while telling a funny story on late-night television (), there are the celebs that are outed in the tabloids… more than once (we’re looking at yo,  J-Biebs), then there are those select few who just love the green and don’t care who knows it. In celebration of 4/20, we’re celebrating the latter category. Here, for your viewing pleasure, 10 celebs who smoke weed all over Instagram.


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