BTS Fans Are LOSING Their Freakin' Minds Over "MIC Drop"

…. BTS really had the audacity to break the internet and shake us up like this. WooOOOW

Nezariel Scott

Unless you’ve been living under the saddest rock of all time, you’ve probably heard about by now. You know, the group that just became the first K-Pop artists to reach #1 on US charts? With their single   featuring Steve Aoiki and Desiigner? Yeah, those hunnies.

The boys (, , , , , and ) have literally put us into cardiac arrest with this one. And #Army, their beloved fans, have high hopes that this might be the single to break through on the US charts, achieving rap-line member Suga’s dream to land a spot above 50 on the chart by 2018. And they’re not shy about sharing ~*all*~ their feels. Here are the fan reactions to the “MIC Drop” vid that 10/10 will make you LOL if you’re a fan.

didnt remember this part of the movie

— kat (@busansjeon)

when hoseok jumped over the table and the camera panned to his shoes and then back up to reveal all the members In Formation i was rly jst

— kris (@hoxeokie)

shut. yoongi saying “baby watch your mouth, it come back around” will be my new notification, alarm & call ringtone and also the new sound my doorbell will make.

— clary | mama (@BTSgoogling)

dna sits on her newly bought couch in her newly bought condo, squinting as she reads the charts. “It should have been me” she says miftly as she stubs out her cigarette

— my mouth = watched (@gIossypouts)

how are they gonna say “go look in the mirror, same damn clothes” when yoongi wore that mastermind shirt four days in a row

— ً (@gentlepjm)

i’m sorry baby vs baby watch your mouth

— matthew (@joonstunes)

who am i, where i am, what is going on, what year am i in

— sica (@vantaekim)

Jimin : I’m about to pop off


*has somewhere to be @ 7:10*
Me @ 7:09:

— desiigner hyung (@hoseoksIady_)


— jungkook pics (@kookpiics)


— Jin Pics (@Seokjinpicss)

this loop… hurting me……..but it hurts so good

— alyssa (@huimnag)

P.S. don’t forget to vote for BTS for the ! (DUUUUUH)

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