The Alternate SATC Opening Has Us Questioning If Anything's Real

*Passes out from shock*

There's a new alternate Sex and the City opening and it has us questioning what else isn't real
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There’s an alternate Sex and the City opening and it has legit thrown us into an existential crisis. In it, Carrie stumbles near the bus adorned with her likeness while wearing a sleeveless blue boatneck dress in an airy chiffon fabric from —that none other than Kate Moss modelled on the runway—with an oversized royal blue clutch and late nineties Manolo sling-backs. Not even a rude puddle splash to speak of!

We’re left to wonder what our lives would have been like if we’d gotten to know Carrie in the prim cornflower blue frock (sans bra, of course) instead of the that are synonymous with her brand? Would tutus for daytime—and all the tutu-inspired dresses that followed—never have been a thing? Would Carrie have not cemented herself as the Patron Saint of Ridiculous Fashion? WHAT WOULD HAVE COME OF OUR EARLY AUGHTS ?

We’ll ponder these life-altering q’s while you take in the opening credits that could have been:

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