Happy Birthday Queen Céline! 49 Times She Stole Our Hearts, in GIFs

From her high kicks to even higher notes and that iconic fist-pump, the pop diva—who turns 49 aujourd’hui—transcends generations. Bonne fête Céline Dion!


Céline Dion: French-Canadian icon, your mom’s go-to singer when she has the car radio to herself and the baddest b*tch around the globe—like that time she gave Donald Trump’s invite to perform at his inauguration a (boy, bye). Her glorious voice soundtracked the epic luv story between Jack and Rose (and it still brings us all of the tears!), her Vegas residency show has made over $171 million at the box office, PLUS she just announced her 26th studio album and we are struggling to pick our jaws up from the ground. Her is totally inspiring and when she recently sported a Titanic hoodie she also proved she has a sense of humour about herself that we always suspected. What’s not to love?

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