Why Bachelor Nation Is Mad at Arie & Lauren B (Again)

Can you two just stop?

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Arie and Lauren pregnant: Arie and Lauren sitting together

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Not everyone found Arie Luyendyk Jr. and fiancée Lauren Burnham’s April Fool’s Day prank funny.

On Sunday, the 36-year-old race-car-driver-turned-real-estate-agent-turned-massive-tool posted a photo on Twitter of a woman who *looked* to be 25-year-old Lauren holding her stomach, with the caption: “Secrets (sic) finally out, we have a bunny in the oven!”

Bachelor Nation quickly responded to the pic, with many questioning its legitimacy since, you know, IT WAS APRIL FOOL’S DAY. “1 in 8 women struggle infertility. I really and truly hope that if this is a joke, when you do try to conceive you aren’t met with the harsh reality that so many face,” .

Secrets finally out, we have a bunny in the oven!

— Arie Luyendyk Jr. (@ariejr)

“Love you guys but hopefully this isn’t a joke. A lot of people struggle with getting pregnant or loosing babies and that would be F’ed up and selfish. Just an odd day to share it is all. Hopefully a congrats will be in order,” .

Shortly after the tweet (and the beginning of the backlash), the former Bachelor revealed that the news was… JUST A JOKE!!!!!!!!! Wow, you really got us with that one, Arie! Honestly dude, are you in high school????


— Arie Luyendyk Jr. (@ariejr)

After the reality star confirmed he and Lauren were just pulling a prank and are NOT with child, the internet let. them. have. it.

This just in: If Arie and Lauren weren’t already the most hated couple in bachelor history, they certainly are now! Come on dude, do you live under a rock?!

— Lindsay Jo Ann (@LindsayB33)

We knew you were lying… just like you lied to Becca about being in love with her

— Ryan Newquist (@RyanNewquist)

So distasteful. You thought the world was against you before. You just poured gas on that fire. Hopefully you two don’t have to struggle with this issues so many women face each day.

— Brooke Brooks (@TheBrookeBrooks)

— Jenness Steen Smith (@a_helluva_ness)

Basically, this tweet sums up our feelings towards Arie:

— Ken (@kennn_04)

Real hilarious, you two.

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